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ベルベット・キス ; 天鹅绒之吻 ; (バンブー・コミックス VITAMAN SELECT) ; Berubetto Kisu ; Бархатный Поцелуй (Русский) ; Nụ hôn dịu dàng (Vietnamese)


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    • Aldrich Avatar
      Aldrich - 2 months ago
      I took my sweet time reading this, it really isn't a romance per se but does touch on topics such as longing, need for affection and sense of duty. Great character development and story above all, you don't really put much attention to nudity and intercourse scenes which says a lot about it's storytelling, 4/5 in my book 😁 PS: I still can't find a reason behind the comedy and cooking tags 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️
    • Eh Avatar
      Eh - 1 year ago
      Don't read this if you're looking for romance. This is entirely a story based around character development, but is largely riddled with frustrations and a lot of meaningless characters. I'd say it's pretty ok, but pretty much everything happens in the first and last 4 chapters.
    • type flex Avatar
      type flex - 1 year ago
      Myami is reading this



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