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Soul Cartel manga follows Si-hun Cha, a young Korean boy who's not unable to see the spirits of the deceased. He could be cared for by his big sister, Su-In Cha, and comes from a household of exorcists and strong mediums. Si-hun Cha himself is without just about any spiritual powers whatsoever apart from his power to see spirits. Regardless of this, he attempts to assist his sister get wayward phantoms that are poorer. He runs right into an extremely strong devil when going after after any of these phantoms. The devil promises to be the Mephistopheles, or soon, Mephisto, who needs Si-hun Cha provide him books about his exploits and to instruct him of the present day human planet.

He says that if Si-hun Cha attempts to runaway, he is done-for. Si-hun Cha has the good sense to consult his sister (without disclosing that he is really got a strong devil's focus), however he quickly learns that even his sister could not be any match for Mephisto. He discloses that he came to world because Faust continues to be reincarnated after Mephisto completes a duplicate of Faust. Faust was a person who had promised he wouldn't be corrupted by the temptations of Mephisto, so that they'd entered a wager that is contractual, with God performing as the judge. Yet, in accordance with Mephisto, God price Mephisto his success and had unfairly interceded at the final minute.
Characters in Soul Cartel manga

Si-hun Cha
Si-hun Cha is the chief protagonist of the show. His character in the show so far has been seriously restricted although he's the primary hero. It is because of his insufficient abilities and strength. But rest assured, he's still young as well as in training. He's revealed extraordinary progress by developing a unique move called the 3rd hand, an excellent clout that will be not weak enough to accept a a class devil.

Mephistopheles (additionally called Mephisto) is among the key characters of the manhwa and is the first Archdevil revealed. He's also called the Archdevil of fight. His alter-ego is Asura of Resentment.

Faust is a Human who due to being re-born has determined to reengage in his conflict with all the Archdevil Mephisto as a way of ensuring people are not dangerous. Due to 'mentioned hindrance from god, Mephisto has maintained he never truly lost. In this conflict Faust will using God's Papyrus a device with divine powers from god that can do anything-but be employed for unpure motives that are bad. Faust has applied to several events to subdue Mephisto to a diploma.

Su-in Cha
Su-in Cha is the older sister of the protagonist Shi and is among the key characters of the show -hun Cha. She used being a spirit medium after her parents vanished in the underworld within a cryptic fight using a strong being. Following an unsuccessful effort to save them in the Underworld several years back, she was gently doing her employment leading spirits to the world that was next when she will have to go the underworld and arrived to realize that her brother had gotten right into a contract using the Archdevil Mephisto. She determined to show up to protect her brother, upon hearing this.

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