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シロクマ転生 ; シロクマ転生―森の守護神になったぞ伝説― ; Reincarnation of White Bear - I Became the Legendary Guardian Deity of the Sacred Forest - ; Shirokuma Tensei - Mori no Shugoshin ni Natta zo Densetsu


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    • Alt Acc Avatar
      Alt Acc - 1 year ago
      It's not like he's a humanoid bear or something. He's a literal bear that talks. Even Paddington wasn't this crazy.
    • Alt Acc Avatar
      Alt Acc - 1 year ago
      I don't know what to feel about this when the FMCs started to develop feelings FOR A TALKING BEAR. I appreciate the "no race discrimination", but come on man...
    • Alexy Rp Avatar
      Alexy Rp - 1 year ago
      I just want this to continue😂😂😭😭😭😭
      Rikuza Avatar
      Rikuza - 1 year ago
      it did! but slow



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