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聖女の魔力は万能です ; 聖女的魔力是萬能的 ; The power of the saint is all around. ; The Saint's Magic Ability is Omnipotent


Chapters deleted after copyright claim.

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    • Jβ Avatar
      - 1 year ago
      welp shit.... all of the chapter's were deleted... and i forgot what chapter i was on and i can only remember that they were about to return from their expedition from a neighboring kingdom
      Tim Avatar
      Tim - 1 year ago
      Thankfully it updates fairly infrequently, so you can just do a google and read the last few
    • Tim Avatar
      Tim - 1 year ago
      So annoying that I can't even see what chapter I was up to before it got taken down...
    • Lux Avatar
      Lux - 1 year ago
      I saw 95 chapters and was excited for a long read... now I'm disappointed.
    • Shadow\ Lord Avatar
      Shadow\ Lord - 1 year ago
      Good one! The anime is pretty good too



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