Manga Sakurai-San Wants To Be Noticed

Sakurai-San Wants To Be Noticed - Poster

I Want Sakurai to Notice,Sakurai-san wa kidzuite hoshii ,Sakurai-san wa kizuite hoshii,桜井さんは気づいてほしい


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    • James Avatar
      James - 2 months ago
      10 out of 10
    • Léo chlsch Avatar
      Léo chlsch - 4 months ago
      I love this manga they are all very cute
    • monke Avatar
      monke - 4 months ago
      this is making me smile like a dumbass
      Mihir Pandya Avatar
      Mihir Pandya - 3 months ago
      Yeah mee too 🤭
    • Izmael Avatar
      Izmael - 8 months ago
      Sakurai, Best waifu
    • Izmael Avatar
      Izmael - 10 months ago
      More please, i liked



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