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世界尽头的圣骑士 ; 最果てのパラディン ; The Faraway Paladin ; Paladin of the End ; Ultimate Paladin


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    • Shadow\ Lord Avatar
      Shadow\ Lord - 2 weeks ago
      The anime is out
    • Tim Avatar
      Tim - 1 month ago
      Beyond amazing. Hold your heart open and prepare the tissues for the first 14 chapters. Especially 13 and 14.
    • Jared Avatar
      Jared - 3 months ago
      this is an awesome manga
    • MWROH Avatar
      MWROH - 4 months ago
      first 13 chapters hit real hard so far really good
    • Some One Avatar
      Some One - 5 months ago
      I've only just started reading, but this is definitely a great manga.



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