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Otome Kaijuu Caramelize ; Meiden Kaijuu Carameliser ; Monster Maiden Caramelize ; 乙女怪獣キャラメリゼ


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    • Carbonated Battery Acid Avatar
      Carbonated Battery Acid - 3 months ago
      Still getting continuous updates on
    • Kumokosan Avatar
      Kumokosan - 1 year ago
      Really good 10/10
    • [@&¡|] Avatar
      [@&¡|] - 2 years ago
      This... this... is so wholesome. I've never in my life ever read something this wholesome.the romance is just so crucially sad but it's just what we're missing nowadays. I won't say that most romance doesn't have this sad romance,but what I'm trying to say is that this one specially has it. Though it may be light hearted romance,but it's real romance. I hope that our cute little Kaiju gets the love she deserves. A whopping 5/5 from me



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