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ラストゲーム (Japanese) ; اللعبة الأخيرة (Arabic) ; Huling Laro (Filipino: Tagalog) ; Ultimul Joc (Romanian) ; Paskutinis Žaidimas (Lithuanian) ; Последняя игра (Русский)

Yanagi's dad is a president of a large hotel, he himself is handsome and clever, always wins the favor among girls. Moreover, he's always on the top of class and champions in all sports meetings when he was in primary school. But after he met Kujou, a transfered student, he had never savored the taste of victory in any single match with this girl for ten years. "Let's bid for final victory, Kujou." There here comes the last game. Will Yanagi fall in love with Kujou while he hates his competitor but cares so much about this girl?

+ Hayate no Gotoku manga