Manga Kochira Isekai De Yoroshikatta Deshou Ka?

Kochira Isekai De Yoroshikatta Deshou Ka? - Poster


An ordinary Japanese man dies and is sent to another world.

The twist, though is... well... you know that Pixar movie Onward? Or Bright, the one with Will Smith? Basically, a setting where magic and dungeons and dragons are all real, but so much time has passed that they’ve developed a society similar to ours so you have orks working on their college dissertations in coffee shops while siren baristas use magic to create more decaf? Where political leaders instead established protests in segregated taverns to establish equality between humans and demonkind? Where farmers peddle mandrakes and slime extract at farmers markets so that health-savvy elves can make potion smoothies and then post a picture of them on Instagram?

Yeah, it’s like that. Anyway, enjoy the story of the MC realizing that none of his skills from the old world will wow people in this new world because they already invented soy sauce and crop rotation and double-book accounting on their own.