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君に届け (Japanese) ; 好想告诉你 (Chinese) ; 너에게 닿기를 (Korean) ; From Me to You (English) ; Llegando a ti (Spanish) ; Mula sa akin para sa iyo (Filipino) ; Arrivare a te (italian) ; مني لك (Arabic) ; Fra mig til dig (Danish) ; Från mig till dig (Swedish) ; Tőlem Ne

Sawako Kuronuma - dubbed Sadako by her classmates for her likeness to the character from The Ring - misunderstood and has been feared due to her look; gossips around school report that she is able to see execration individuals and ghosts. Yet, in spite of her look that is menacing, she's really a shy and sweet girl who just longs in order to make friends and be enjoyed by everyone. When the most popular son Kazehaya, her idol, starts speaking with her, everything changes. She sees herself in a fresh world, talking to various folks and making new friends, and she can not thank for giving her these chances Kazehaya enough. But certainly, a sweet love blossoms between the two as they beat challenges and conditions that stand in their way.

Her likeness to the horror movie character Sadako Yamamura makes this hard, although Sawako is a self-conscious yet sincere girl in search of camaraderie. Her timid and humble nature prevents her from correcting people's misconceptions, to the stage that all the school considers her name is, actually, "Sadako." She's quite short - a feature inherited from her dad, who's just 160 cm tall - but during a football match in the sports festival of the school's, it's shown that she's not astonishingly slow, to the point that a number of folks consider she's teleporting. A running gag is the fact that she takes everything folks say quite seriously, and tends to over-assess a scenario. Her peers frequently terrifie when she's deep in thought.
Sawako has consistently wanted buddies and recognition, and thanks to the kindness of Kazehaya, speak to various individuals and she slowly starts to open up to her classmates. Eternally meek and unassuming, Sawako is really small towards her newfound camaraderie that Yoshida really needs to tell her point blank: "Did you understand?
She weeps and declares that she really wants to be with him, and inquires if he's still in love along with her when she catches his jacket after Shota turns away. In her shock, her 4 times are kissed by Shota.