Manga Isekai De Te Ni Ireta Seisan Skill Wa Saikyou Datta You Desu

Isekai De Te Ni Ireta Seisan Skill Wa Saikyou Datta You Desu - Poster

It Seems the Production Skill Acquired in Another World is the Strongest. ; My Isekai Crafting Powers Are Stronk ; 異世界で手に入れた生産スキルは最強だったようです。


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    • Packersare2 Avatar
      Packersare2 - 3 months ago
      This manga is not bussin
    • Hamza Quadri Avatar
      Hamza Quadri - 6 months ago
      Tch. Couldn't the hero take over the underground city and starting his own kingdom or something! Why give away such a huge finding! It really pissed me off! Everything else is fine though.
    • Some One Avatar
      Some One - 9 months ago
      I don't mean to be rude, but this isn't unique. I've read more isekai where the protagonist doesn't want to fight the demon lord then where they do. It's actually quite common.
      TOXIC Plays456 Avatar
      TOXIC Plays456 - 8 months ago
      A pretty lame cliche really. Don't get me wrong it is good. Just the theme... Is very over used. I think this would have been a great manga if only the Mc took another path like bloodshed and shit.
      Moutman Ahmed Avatar
      Moutman Ahmed - 7 months ago
      I am still waiting for an isekai anime or manga where the MC is a physco and the villain.
      Botsie 1 Avatar
      Botsie 1 - 7 months ago
      Fff trash hero is a really good one for evil hero genre



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