Manga Code: Breaker

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コード:ブレイカー ; 法外制裁者 ; Code - Breaker ; Code Breaker ; CODE:BREAKER ~コード:ブレイカー~ ; Code:Breaker

One-day, riding the bus, Sakura Sakurakoji stands over individuals and seems out the window to see people being burned alive with a fire as a boy her age stays unharmed. There are not any corpses or evidence of any type of homicide, only a little fire when she dates back straight back to the website a day later. She finds the new transfer student is exactly the same boy she saw the day before, when Sakura goes to course. Sakura soon learns he is Rei ?gami, the sixth "Code: Breaker," a particular type of assassin with a peculiar power and also an associate of a secret organization that functions the authorities.

Masaomi Heike is a Code:Breaker, whose code-name is Code:02, while also performing as the judge who rate their operation. He's also among the Four Founders of Eden, identified as Heike Masaomi the Wonder. He's got the capacity to control light

Heike seems to be pretty tall (at least 180 cm). He's quite buff, although slender. He has yellow irises at the same time, and has pretty long silver hair that is white. Among his characteristics that are concealed is that he's got no brows as Toki stated early in the manga. (Heike seems to dis-like this significantly, but it's barely detected due to his hair). Heike's normal dress (his black jacket) has gear assembled into it so that you can avoid his electricity from being over used (he provides an extremely glowing, harmful light once this has been been eliminated).