Manga Beauty, Sage And The Devil's Sword

Beauty, Sage And The Devil's Sword - Poster

Bijo to Kenja to Majin no Ken, 美女と賢者と魔人の剣


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    • sOApy Avatar
      sOApy - 1 year ago
    • CandisNo2 Avatar
      CandisNo2 - 1 year ago
      Just from reading the first chapter you can tell this is going to be a mess. The mc encounters hir first enemy, identifies his status and immeadiatly comes to the conclusion that it's gonna be a hard fight, because that enemies stats are higher than his. So what's wrong with this conclusion? Nothing, except that his stats that you literally saw like 5 panels earlier are about two times as high as the enemies. Did the writer not even look at the numbers he had just writen? And shouldn't that be immediatly discoverd through any amount of proofreading. Well whatever, the mc then goes on to fight said enemy. However, even though that enemies stats are supposedly higher than his and his weapon is literally a cudgel while the enemy uses the same just that that cudgel has SPIKES, the mc defeats the enemy and even another one who joins in while doing nothing but trading hits. But I guess he is the mc so it has to make sense...



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